Monday, October 29, 2007

November Classes

It's hard to believe that November is upon us already! To kick off the new month we have these classes offered:

Paper Tearing Class
Saturday, November 3
1-3 pm

Create a two-page layout and take your paper tearing skills to the next level. Learn how to layer, age, and roll your torn edges for a unique effect.

Holiday Tag Picture
Thursday, November 1st (6-8pm)
or Saturday, November 3rd (10-noon)

Create a beautiful piece of holiday wall art in this class. Use stamps, inks, photos, papers, and embellishments to make a unique decoration or Christmas gift!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wall Art

Scrapbooking materials can be used for so much more than just scrapbooking. Given the variety of designs and motifs available in paper alone, scrapbook art is well suited for home decor. This idea from Dow Industries showcases the classic look of canvas with any scrapbook paper you love. ScreenPrints by Hambly are featured in the photo above (check out the selection of Hambly ScreenPrints available from Keepsakes sometime - it's one of the few scrapbook stores that actually carry this awesome line!), but any 12x12 scrapbook paper would work for this easy project. Here's is Hambly's own Allison Kreft's take on the project. It's a great way to create inexpensive, customized art for a nursery, child's room, or your living room. The possibilities are almost endless, so start thinking outside the {scrapbook}.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

4x6 Pages Class

Cropping images is fine and good, but sometimes you want to get a quick page done using the prints as they are - in 4x6 format. In this class, Susan Beth will teach you some formulas for making the most of those photos! Make a two-page and single-page layout and learn some new techniques along the way! This class is offered twice, so choose the one that works best for you!

Tuesday, October 23 6:00-8:30 pm $20 Saturday, October 27 10:00 - 12:00 noon $20

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Note Holder Class

Looking for a great Christmas gift? Or maybe a new place to organize your life? This note holder is perfect!! You choose the papers to suit your taste and the rest is done in class! Leave with a finished project and cross one more thing off your list.

Monday, October 22nd
6:00-8:00 pm

Monday, October 15, 2007

Chalking Silk Flowers

Ever wondered how to get your flowers to perfectly match your layout? Here's a trick from

(please refer to the numbered images above as you follow the steps below).

  1. This is what my flower bunches looked like before I began - but there are many different types of silk flowers that could work well with this technique.
  2. First, I removed the flower head from the stem by just “popping” it off.
  3. Next, I pulled the flower pieces apart and threw away the plastic parts. I cut some slits in the smallest piece, so that it would be able to lay flat on the page.
  4. Finally, I added color with chalk. I mixed water with the chalks to help them go on smoothly and to give them a nice watercolor look. I used generic eye make-up applicators to add the colors.

After the flowers were dry, I used eyelets to attach them to my page. Here are some other ideas for attaching flowers: brads, buttons (sewn) or glue the flower on with a bead or jewel glued in the center. Be creative - I’m sure you can think of lots of great possibilities!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Junkitz Boy Pages

Aren't these pages the best?? This class is all about boys and everything that makes them what they are! Using the boy line from Junkitz, Heidi Fry has designed an awesome class in which you will create these four amazing pages. The class is Wednesday, so sign up soon!

Wednesday, October 17th
6:00-8:00 pm

Friday, October 12, 2007

101 Ways to Use Ribbon

If you're like me, you love ribbon. You collect it. You love how it looks. You love how it feels. You just love ribbon. You save all those little scraps of ribbon, long or short, because you know that "someday" you're going to want it. Well, if it's time to clear out your ribbon drawer, or caddy, or shelf, here are some ideas to get you going. As suggested by one message board user over at, cut out these ideas and place them in a jar. whether you need a challenge or just some quick direction, grab an idea from the jar, add some ribbon and smile. Happy scrapping!

1. Cut a journaling block into horizontal strips. Tie a ribbon in a bow or knot to the left end of the first strip, then the right end of the second strip, and so on.

2. Create a page frame by stitching ribbon to each side of the page, then cover the joins with a button or another accent.

3. Collect scraps of ribbon and cover the spiral binding of a journal or album in bows.

4. Tie a bow on a paperclip.

5. Soften the look of metal mesh by knotting satin ribbons through the latticework.

6. Colorblock a layout, punch holes where the blocks meet and lace with ribbon.

7. Create a ribbon loop off the side of the page, securing with stitches or staples, to index sections in your album.

8. Stamp tiny tags with a single letter and use narrow ribbons to attach to your page for a quirky title.

9. Hold a bookplate in place by securing each side with a length of ribbon, fixing the ribbons onto the back of your layout.

10. Punch holes along one side of a photo or mat and finish with ribbons tied in loop knots.

11. Loop ribbon around one side of a metal frame, then tie with a tiny knot or bow.

12. Laminate a leaf or another found object, punch a hole and tie on a ribbon.

13. Dye ribbons to match anything perfectly.

14. Criss-cross two lengths of ribbon to create a pocket.

15. Turn bows on their side and place at either end of a title.

16. Stamp a name or date on a ribbon, fold around the corner of a photograph and secure with a paperclip.

17. Use ribbon to hang a locket holding something special.

18. Thread two metal rings onto a length of ribbon and secure them both in a loop at one end (you can use an eyelet, nail head, brad, stitches or staples to close the loop). Wrap around a journal, mini book or photo mat and pull the loose end of the ribbon through the rings, just like a belt.

19. Make a masculine tag by threading a plain washer onto a ribbon remnant, folding in half and stapling to the top of a tag.

20. Hide journaling or an additional photograph on your page. Using self-adhesive ribbon as a hinge, secure just one side of a cardstock block to the background.

21. Cover the join between two patterned papers with a length of ribbon.

22. Create a collage between two microscope slides or pieces of transparency, then tie ribbon around the glass sandwich.

23. Team up ribbon with anything else from the haberdashery section: ric-rac, upholstery trim, lace, fibers, snap trim, zips, elastic or a hook and eye set.

24. Layer a brightly coloured sheer ribbon over traditional black and white gingham to create a custom coloured gingham.

25. Stick ribbon over vellum to hide adhesive.

26. Make a flower with loops of ribbon plus a button in the middle.

27. Cover the edge of a border of patterned page with three inch lengths of mismatched ribbons.

28. Use letter stamps on ribbon for journaling or captions.

29. Use ric-rac as the stem for a flower accent.

30. Run a thread through a length of ribbon, making loose stitches, then pull the ribbon together to gather.

31. Apply rub-on letters to a twelve inch strip of ribbon to make a custom border.

32. Cover a scrap of cardstock with ribbon scraps in lines, then place a cut out shape over the top so the quilted design shows through.

33. Fray ribbon scraps, then overlap and sew to the page.

34. Place a ribbon in a tiny glass charm for a message in a bottle look.

35. Weave your ribbbons in big or little sections on your page.

36. Punch holes on one side of a photo mat, then lace the ribbon through and add a charm to one of the loops.

37. Make one long loop of ribbon around an entire page, then use shorter ribbons to tie knots and bows to that ribbon.

38. Make a bulletin board look by criss-crossing ribbons across the page and joining with brads or buttons.

39. Use frilly ribbons with rustic elements, mixing girly trims with twill tape or a wooden tag.

40. Create your journaling in widely spaced rows. Punch small holes around key words and thread ribbon through to box out or underline words with colour.

41. Hang a letter charm from ribbon and wrap around the bottom third of a photo.

42. Use a variety of green ribbons in short, overlapped lengths to represent grass for a summery layout.

43. Place your title and journaling blocks on your layout, then cut slits at the top and bottom. Run sheer ribbon through to ‘hold’ the blocks in place.

44. Spell a title by threading letter charms onto a longer length of ribbon, adding a knot between each letter.

45. Cut a variety of ribbons to six to eight inch lengths. Adhere at odd angles to the bottom of a double page layout, with the photos and accents above this border.

46. Place short lengths of ribbon over the four corners of a photo and secure in place with brads.

47. Place ribbons around the edge of a large circle shape.

48. Fold ribbon scraps in half and staple to one side of a photo mat.

49. Use a wide ribbon as you would a strip of patterned paper.

50. Stitch your ribbon with a zig-zag.

51. Thread silk or paper flowers onto ribbons to create a daisy chain.

52. Use polka-dot ribbon with striped patterned papers.

53. Tie a series of bows or knots to cover a length of wire, then attach the wire by punch two tiny holes in your page and threading it through to the back.

54. Run a simple border with one thin ribbon across the top of your page and two thin ribbons at the bottom.

55. Tie a group of tags together with brightly coloured ribbons.

56. Punch small holes and thread a border like you would lace your shoes.

57. Use sheer green ribbons to represent leaves on flowers.

58. Use your ribbons in vertical strips instead of horizontal.

59. Repeat just one ribbon pattern throughout your layout.

60. Hang tiny jingle bells on a Christmas page.

61. Select two ribbons of contrasting color. Attach one to the left side of the page and the other to the right, then tie together in the middle. Repeat in the opposite colors to make a criss-cross if you wish.

62. Get out your eyelets and add to a paper accent, like a monogram letter. Thread ribbon through and tie in a knot.

63. Pin a safety pin through a bow or knot.

64. Tie a ribbon around the stem of any letter in your title.

65. Allow ribbons to come out the top of your {top-loading} page protector.

66. Place one bold strip of a patterned paper on your cardstock background. Add an angled strip of a colour-coordinated ribbon. Add an accent near where the two meet, and place the body of your layout in the remaining gap.

67. Punch or cut several small squares or circles. Punch a small hole and tie a ribbon on each, then line up for a border.

68. Line up several lengths of the same ribbon and secure the ends with brads, then place your title on top.

69. Punch a group of holes in any preprinted accent and add ribbons to make it your own.

70. Create a bold frame using short ribbon scraps around all four sides of the page.

71. Have just the ends of flat ribbons appear from one side of a photograph. Stick them directly to the page.

72. Use a series of ribbon-trimmed metal-rimmed tags to journal in list form.

73. Repeatedly wrap a ribbon around a block of cardstock, then tie with a charm, tag or stamped image.

74. Use only black and white ribbons plus one color of cardstock.

75. Stick ribbon directly to the page and cover the ends with square or round accents.

76. Place several twelve inch lengths of ribbon to the page, leaving an inch gap in between. Number the lines of ribbon and add journaling for a ‘# of things I...’ layout.

77. Tie ribbons on bobby pins/hair grips and slide onto the edge of a photo.

78. Use ribbon inside a slide frame or book plate.

79. Create a pull tab with a loop of ribbon on a tucked away photo or tag.

80. Use just ginghams!

81. Attach tiny clothes pegs to a length of ribbon.

82. Use white sheer ribbons for angel wings.

83. Thread white letter beads onto ribbons for journaling.

84. Tie ribbons through button holes and tie on the top.

85. Attach pins or badges to a length of ribbon stuck straight to the background.

86. Put your title inside a circle frame, and hold it in place with ribbons on two or more sides. Tuck the ribbons over to the back of the page.

87. Thread on a buckle for a classy accent.

88. Spice up a simple layout with just three knots of ribbon near the corner of a the photo.

89. Create a pinwheel design by sticking down bright ribbons cut with an angle at the end.

90. Fold your ribbon in half then cut at an angle to get that little V at the end.

91. Instead of peeling your stickers from the backing, cut them out and treat like regular paper. Punch a hole, tie a ribbon and look at your sticker in a new way.

92. Create a layout with three blocks of cardstock, then hang multiple ribbons from the bottom of each block.

93. Make a summery layout with mismatched ribbons placed 3/4 of the way down one side, to mimic flags on a sail boat.

94. Make a mini book to hold extra photos and journaling, and make sure the sides wrap around to the front so the covers open to both the left and right. Secure ribbon on the back and tie on the front to close.

95. Thread circles on ribbons to mimic Christmas ornaments, then tuck the ribbons around the top of the page and secure on the back. Design the layout on top of the ornament background.

96. Make it simple: stick a length of ribbon directly to the cardstock. Tie a bow and stick it on top -- an easier way to make everything stay put.

97. Create your title with letters on individual blocks of cardstock, then thread together by punching holes and tying together with ribbons.

98. Use watermark ink to customise your ribbon with a design or phrase.

99. Make curly ribbons by wrapping tightly around a dowel rod or pencil (securing with pins if needed), spraying with corn starch and baking in the oven for about five minutes. Leave to cool and set over night, then remove from the dowel. Great for album covers and bindings.

100. Use ribbon to bind a small book of index prints on your layout, then add more ribbon to close or hang the book.

101. Grab your favourite ribbon of the moment and work your entire layout around that inspiration. Print your photos in black and white so you don’t have to worry about color clashes and just have fun.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh the things you can do!

There you have it... five layouts and four cards. All made with a single set of Basic Grey Monograms, plus the coordinating BG papers and cardstock. For a better look, stop into the store and take a peek. All of the layouts and cards are on display with the BG lines to provide you with some inspiration!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Basic Grey Monograms Class

Basic Grey... Their innovative, bold designs both awe and stump us as scrapbookers. We love the coordinating products, but sometimes don't feel like we have the "bold" scrapbooking style that their lines demand. If you've ever felt like that, now is the time to stand up and face your fears.

This class utilizes the Basic Grey Monograms. These oversized letters perfectly coordinate with each of the Basic Grey lines and are versatile for a number of projects. With a little creativity, you can use these bold papers and monograms no matter what your scrapbooking style. In this class, you'll make two layouts and a card, as well as see a number of examples of other layouts and cards made with this line.

Saturday, October 13

Monday, October 8, 2007

Shimmer Luminarte Class

Have you seen all the new colors of daubers and sprays by Luminarte? Have you wondered what you can do with them? If so, Susan Beth has the class for you! See how versatile these shimmery inks are on Saturday. Sign up today if you haven't already!

Saturday, October 13
1:00-3:30 pm

Monday, October 1, 2007

Flowers Galore!

Have you seen the Heidi Swapp silhouettes and wondered what to do with them? Do you like the look of dimensional cards but haven't had the courage to try one on your own? Have you seen the ribbon flowers that were popular online this summer and want to know how to make your own?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then this is your week!! Elizabeth Wickland will be teaching all of these things in her floral cards class! The first class is Wednesday, and time is running out to sign up! If you miss the sign up for Wednesday's class, rest assured that there is still time to sign up for Saturday. Get a friend to sign up with you and come make a day of shopping and crafting! Here are the class times and cards:

Wednesday, October 3
6:00-8:30 pm

Saturday, October 6

Fall Recipes

Now that it officially feels like fall in the valley, are you guys thinking about all the yummy comfort foods that come with fall? Chili with cornbread, soups, stews, pumpkin bread, apple cider... I love the food this time of year. If you've got all your favorite fall recipes, or maybe want to collect some more, we've got the perfect recipe album for you. And fortunately for you, it's offered twice, so you have double the opportunity to get into the fall baking mood!

Jenn Claar has created this darling little album that is cute enough to leave out on your counter! As an added bonus, there will be a recipe swap at this class, so bring your favorite recipe to share and leave with a whole bunch more! This class is offered twice, so check your calendar and call today to sign up!

Monday, October 8th
6:00-8:00 pm

Saturday, October 20th
10:00-12:00 noon