Monday, October 15, 2007

Chalking Silk Flowers

Ever wondered how to get your flowers to perfectly match your layout? Here's a trick from

(please refer to the numbered images above as you follow the steps below).

  1. This is what my flower bunches looked like before I began - but there are many different types of silk flowers that could work well with this technique.
  2. First, I removed the flower head from the stem by just “popping” it off.
  3. Next, I pulled the flower pieces apart and threw away the plastic parts. I cut some slits in the smallest piece, so that it would be able to lay flat on the page.
  4. Finally, I added color with chalk. I mixed water with the chalks to help them go on smoothly and to give them a nice watercolor look. I used generic eye make-up applicators to add the colors.

After the flowers were dry, I used eyelets to attach them to my page. Here are some other ideas for attaching flowers: brads, buttons (sewn) or glue the flower on with a bead or jewel glued in the center. Be creative - I’m sure you can think of lots of great possibilities!

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