Friday, March 21, 2008

New SPRING Challenges!

Don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to turn in an entry for the March challenge! With the end of our March challenge, we will be starting a new challenge series for Spring! Here are the details...

Join us in a 14 week long challenge series. All you have to do is make a paper craft project once a week using the prompt we will provide on this blog. Post it to an online gallery (such as twopeasinabucket or your own blog) and then leave a comment on this blog and link us to your post - we'd love to see what you made! Save your projects, because for those who complete all 14 weeks and bring their completed set of projects to Keepsakes by Design by June 30th to put on display we will have a special prize package. Also, just to get you going on this, you get 15% off any products you buy at Keepsakes by Design for use in your challenge projects - be sure to let us know which challenge you are purchasing for and what your project is going to be. We love hearing about all your beautiful crafting adventures!

Our first challenge is... The Signs of Spring!

Yesterday Spring arrived in Bozeman wrapped in a thick white blanket. Take the time to think about or even get out and see some of the signs of spring. It make take a little hunting for some of you. Or, it may be something so obvious we almost take it for granted. You may see Spring's arrival in nature, or in your mail box, or on your calendar, or in a certain product you can now find in the store. This weeks challenge is to tell us how and where you see "A Sign of Spring." We can't wait to see your projects!

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Susan Beth said...

I posted a layout in response to this challenge here: Take a look and leave a comment! Love to see what you are doing for this challenge!
Susan Beth