Monday, April 28, 2008

April Book Club

by Susan Beth

Last Monday night was our monthly meeting, and we were a crowd again - what fun! However, we were short on members who had actually completed their projects - oh well. Fortunately for us, one member provided so much inspiration that the rest of us just know we'll do better next month!

You may remember that this month we were reading and working from "Designing with Recipes" and Autumn Leaves publication. Everyone agreed, it is a very nice book. In fact, one of our members actually purchased the book three times - that got us off to a start with a laugh as to how she could look at it, not recognize it, and like it enough to buy it three separate times.

Let's start with Rosie's project. It is based on one of the sketches in the "3 Photo Layout" section of our book.

These women in the photos are friends of hers from way back and were taken during a recent trip to the town where she grew up. Rosie used stamps to make the flowers and the flourish stems. Beautiful job Rosie!
Barb provided this wonderful "out of the box" example inspired by the canvas on page 27 of the book, but Barb went way over the top with her techniques. She used a gel medium transfer technique to transfer the photo to the canvas. The metal piece in the corner is a real sickle from the combine on her family's farm Very unique and wonderful project. Thank you Barb!

The rest of the projects were from Jennifer Claar, who found many items of inspiration in this book.

These photos are of a page she did inspired by the Star layout on page 12 of the book. The details are wonderful!

There are supposed to be three of these layouts using different papers and different title presentations, but the same sketch and photos. Jennifer has four children, and scrapbooks for all of them in separate books, so she painstakingly scraps many events three times. The reason I cannot present the other two layouts is I am having challenges with Blogger uploading, and I'm just out of time to keep fussing with it. So sorry Jennifer!

This is a page Jennifer did based on the layout on page 26 of the book. Lots of yummy details here!

The rest of these pages were inspired by the book, but I did not record where. They are all beautiful pages, don't you think! Time to get this book and enjoy how it can inspire you!

So, that is the report on book club for this month. Next month we are reading and being inspired by "Imperfect Lives" which is a big change in style for us, so it will be exciting to see what kind of projects result from this effort. Join us - the book is available on line from Amazon, but not at Keepsakes this time. The meeting is May 19th at 6 p.m. Hope to see you and your projects there!

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