Friday, August 10, 2007

Book Review: Designing with Details

DESIGNING WITH DETAILS: How the little things make all the difference in your pages

Reviewed by Susan Beth Breuner

Designing With Details published by Autumn Leaves is one of the newest books to hit the shelves of Keepsakes By Design. That “Designing With” team has done it again! This DESIGNING WITH DETAILS book is another must have for your library. It will provide you with hours of eye candy entertainment and years of idea references. Ideas for pages, cards, gifts and home decor! They range from home made embellishments to making the most of your store bought stash. Only two drawbacks to this book: 1. Once you start to look through it you will abandon all other activities – no cooking, no cleaning, no bill paying, no work…Oh, that sounds like vacation, not a drawback; 2. It’s pricy at just under $20, - but definitely a good value considering all the ideas. Pick up this book and you are sure to have fun and improve your repertoire of paper crafting delights.

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