Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's almost time for school again!

It's hard to believe that school is just around the corner again! For some of you, this is a new thing with little ones heading to school for the first time, and for others of you it is old hat. Whether new or old, though, we all want to take those "first day" photos. Have you considered what to do with them? Do you have a box full of them now that your kids are grown? Are those first few weeks of school just too busy to do anything with the photos, so they get forgotten?

If so, here's a tip:
Make a premade album or page that's all ready for your back-to-school photos once they're taken. Do one page for all your kids, or one for each. Make a mini-album with room for a photo of your child and his teacher, the school building or classroom, and some of his friends. By leaving space for a 4x6 photo, all you have to do is print them and stick them onto the project. Stop by Keepsakes and check out the "back-to-school" section for supplies and inspiration and get your project done now so it's ready to go once school starts!

If you've already planned so many activities for the next few weeks that there's no hope for getting a premade page done, no worries! Rumor has it there will be a school-themed mini album class coming this fall! You can bring your photos and make the album in the company of your friends without interruptions!

Be on the lookout for the Fall Newsletter and more information about the Open House and class sign up!

School themed papers, stickers, embellishments, and more!


Jenn said...

glad to see the blog going again! Thanks for all you do...Elizabeth. :)

Susan Beth said...

I'm wondering if, like me, there are others out there who would look at the blog, but who can't comment because they aren't sure what to do with the whole Google log in thing? What do you guys think?

Elizabeth Wickland said...

There may be, but you should be able to comment anonymously without logging in.