Monday, February 18, 2008

February Book Club: Designing with Details

by Susan Beth

It was a great fun meeting tonight! There was much laughing, some munching, and lots of encouraging and oohing and ahhhing. I managed to lose my notes, so I can't tell you what page inspired each of the projects, but I'll try to remember as much detail as I can. Unfortunately, there was not good lighting in the back room, so my photos do not do any of these projects the justice they deserve. In fact, the photo of my project is completely unusable! Many photos were unusable, but here is what we've got, with comentary below the photos:

Jan was inspired just by the whole concept of details, and she put that all together in a mini-album for her son. It is so beautiful! Remember, the colors are just not right because the lighting was poor!

Barb shared this project from an on-line scrapbook class! It is really cute, even if it isn't from the Designing with Details book.

This is another project from Barb, this time it is inspired by the Designing with Details. It features her daughter Sarah and her dancing experience one year.

Here's the detail on the pull-out from this page.
And one more from Barb, inspired by a layout from Marlette, one of the Autumn Leaves Desinging With authors. Barb commented that making these metal rimmed tags is done with a tool she does not enjoy, and doing this did not change her mind about that. Oh well, glad she went to the trouble for this one!
And, if I remember right, this is a page that Barb really likes because it got her a nice complement from her on line instructor. It is also nice and bright and full of great photos!
This is Rosie's layout, which is not from Designing with Details, but actually from last month when we did Nic Howard's "That's Life." Rosie was not hear that meeting, and brought this to show us this month. It has some moving parts, shown below.

Rosie let us know that doing this detail on the photo did not go as she expected. She was dissatisfied with the way the stamp ink went on, so she went over the image with a black pen. Way to recover Rosie, because it looks great now!

This is from one of our two new members tonight, Christi -sorry, don't know her last name! She says she is a card maker, not a scrapbooker, but then she got a great grand-niece recently, and decided to use this BoBunny book to make a little scrapbook. It isn't finished yet, but it has lots of details.

Here you can see the baby that inspired Christi to step out of cards for this project.

But, fortunately for us, Christi allowed herself to be inspired by the Designing with Details in her card making, and she had this to share with us.
Yes, those are little die cut tags that were alternated to make the closure on this cute card!

It is a wonderful little card!

These next three layouts are by Rachelle, and they are of her with her husband before they got married. The photos are beautiful! The layouts are beautiful! My photos suck! Sorry to say, but you are not able to enjoy the beautiful purple and plum colors that she used because I just can't seem to get them edited in a way that shows them off. My bad!
Rachelle said she loves ribbon, and was inspired by a page in the book that did strips of ribbon as the details to highlight the photos. This is just beautiful!

And this one I remembe was from page 38 of the book. It is a great one! I only wish youcould see the colors as they really are!

So, that does it for this month. There were three people who came who for one reason of another did not have a project to share, and we love them anyway. Oh! And Kristii L. had a great layout that she was finishing up by putting blanket stitching around it with floss. She ran out of floss before the meeting was over, and did not want it photographed without being finished. But trust me, in true Kristii style, it was beautiful and full of oh so many lovely details to look at.

So, for next month we are taking inspiration from Designing with Texture, an old but really great book! Kind of a classic, you might say. That meeting will be on March 17th.Then, on April 21st we will be presenting projects inspired by The Designing With Recipe Book, a new publication that many of us are very excited about. On May 19th we'll be showing work inspired by "Imperfect Lives," a Memory Maker's publication. Then, yes, we know our June book already too. It will be another Memory Maker's publication called "Home Decor." There are so many books to select from! And so much art to be inspired by! Join us if you'd like. There is not cost outside of the cost of the book. We always meet the third Monday of the month, and we have a great time!

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